The Medici Chapels became a state museum in 1869, but their history – deeply intertwined with that of the church of San Lorenzo, to which they are connected – goes back much further.

 The museum is composed of the Sagrestia Nuova (New Sacristy), with a sculptural and architectural program designed by Michelangelo; the Cappella dei Principi (Chapel of the Princes), a monumental mausoleum decorated entirely in polychrome marbles and semi-precious stones; the Crypt that houses the tombs of the Medici Grand Dukes and their family members; and the Lorenese Crypt, which, alongside the remains of the Lorena family, houses the funerary monument to Cosimo the Elder, "Pater Patriae.”


The museum also conserves a portion of the precious Treasury of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, including sacred wall hangings (parati sacri) and magnificent reliquaries




AccessibilityThe museum is equipped with access devices for people with disabilities.

The sidewalk is connected to the road.

Wheel chair access to the Hall on the ground floor (Crypt) is possible by ramp.  The “New Sacristy,” on the first floor, can be reached by elevator and from there the “Chapel of the Princes” (Mausoleum) may also be accessed by means of a rising platform.

In the museum there is an elevator which provides access to all rooms for people with disabilities. Elevator service must be requested at the information desk located at the entrance of the museum and guests must be accompanied by museum staff.

*We do not yet have accessibility within the bathrooms for people with disabilities.

AudioguideAudioguides are available in Italian and English. Cost: € 6,00 for single device, € 10,00 for two devices.

BookshopThe bookshop is located at the entrance of the Museum.  The museum guide is available for purchase in many languages, along with various art publications and items inspired by the works on display.

Coat-CheckVisitors must check umbrellas, large backpacks and other bags. Students must check backpacks. Service is free.

Opening hours and ticketing:

The  Medici Chapels Museum reopened on June 2nd 2020

respecting the law prescriptions and rules in order to guarantee a safe visit  
Wednesday - Thursday - Friday: 14:00 - 18:30 
Saturday - Sunday - Monday: 8:45 - 13:30
Visitors are required to wear a disposable mask. The temperature will be checked.
Limited access: max 50 visitors per hour    
The vist is one-way: 1.Cripta - 2.Cappella dei Principi - 3.Sagrestia Nuova
In Sacrestia Nuovamax 20 visitors at a time, max 15 min. 
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri  Sat Sun
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  Openings  8:45-13:30
Openings  14:00-18:30 



Standard Ticket: € 9,00 (from 1 September 2019))
Reduced Ticket (visitors between 18 and 25 years old): € 2,00
Visit the MIBACT web site for free admission and reduced-price tickets click here 

Tickets are also available for purchase ONLINE: B-Ticket is the only official website authorized by MIBAC for online ticket purchase for the Museo Nazionale del Bargello and its affiliate museums (Museo delle Cappelle Medicee, Museo di Palazzo Davanzati- Museo dell’Antica Casa Fiorentina, Museo di Orsanmichele, and Museo di Casa Martelli).

It is possible to make reservations by telephone: Firenze Musei – Tel. +39 055 294883   Reservation Fee: € 3,00

“Si comunica che quest’Istituto s’impegna per Offrire al pubblico un orario di visita quanto più esteso possibile, nel rispetto dei criteri per l’apertura al pubblico, la vigilanza e la sicurezza dei musei e dei luoghi della cultura statali previsti dal D.M. del 30 giugno 2016, in attesa che vengano espletate le previste procedure concorsuali finalizzate al superamento  delle attuali carenze organiche e al conseguente incremento del personale in servizio"

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